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Inside and Outside Ladder Installation

Center the ladder below the roof ladder. Use bolts, to mount ladders, in the horizontal seam, 18 ¾” apart at the inside ladder locations.

Place the ladder over the bolt and add a second nut. Place another bolt on the next lower horizontal seam. Tighten the ring, place the first ladder section over the existing bolts, add a second ladder on top of these bolts, add nut and tighten. Ladders are meant to overlap one another on the same bolt. Flat washers may be needed.

Repeat this process until bin is complete. Inside ladders usually end two rings above the concrete. Mounting hardware is not included.

Platform Installation

Place the platform to align the bottom mounting holes to the horizontal seams between the first and second rings. Platform standing area is mounted below the manhole. Bolt platform into place using the proper amount of kickers.

Two kickers are required for rest (eave) platforms and three kickers are required for the manway platforms. Keep in mind some holes will be field drilled. Mounting hardware is not included.

Safety Cage Installation

Safety cages are installed with bolts and are placed around the ladders. Install with bolts placing them 9 3/8” from the ladder. Rest (Eave) platforms are installed the same as ladders after bolting the two pieces of cage together. Mounting hardware is not included.

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